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Starting a Career

Podcast Ep1: Mark Weingartner, ASC – VFX DP of Dark Knight

Lets talk about film-life topics with the VFX DP of Inception, Dark Knight, Hunger Games:

- Managing a team of people you don't know
- Managing time on set
- Delegating tasks
- Relationship with upper-management
- Career path from something non film through lighting, to DP-ing
- Work/Private-Life Balance
- Financial planning while working in film industry


Giving tasks to others – Delegating in depth

We never expect someone else to imagine a book the same way we do, but we always demand others to imagine the execution of a task exactly the same way we have.

Transferring thoughts don’t happen by itself, you have to learn how to do it properly and precisely.
An in-depth article about delegating and micromanaging.


What motivates us?

Success happens only when you keep doing awesome work in the face of setbacks and frustrations long enough for a breakthrough to happen.

Some kinds of motivation will take you only to the next stop, but for a successful career, you need to know which will survive the marathon.


Talent is a myth. Anyone can be the best.

The fact is, "talent" as we know it does not exist. You can become the world’s best in any field.

Researches of the past decades proved that none of us is born with advantages. Not even in music or sports. There are scientists who were able to teach perfect pitch to anyone.


Aren’t we Leaders?

Discussing, bargaining, motivating, managing time, solving problems, delegating, giving feedback, resolving conflicts.

Are we really just artists and technicians?