Starting a Career

Prioritizing on a film-set

Prioritizing on a film-set is often troublesome. Everything seems to be important and usually all of them at the same time.

And like it’s not enough. When you get home, there are also new tasks waiting for you in your mailbox, or on the fridge door. All of them urgent and important as well.

So what do we do? :D

Well… panic and complain of course. But what should we do?

Starting a Career

About the Mistakes we Make

On set, we make mistakes whether we acknowledge them or hide them.
Noone is perfect. And it’s perfectly okay.

I think it is also culturally embedded in the film-crew that making mistakes is something close to the end of the world, and in some cases it is.
But let's see what else is out there about making mistakes.

Especially when you are just starting out.


Podcast Ep2: Dan Ming – 1st AC of Life of Pi

Lets talk about film-life topics with the "A" - Camera Focus Puller of Life of Pi, Saving Mr. Banks, The Founder, Only the Brave:

- Being ready for things going wrong
- Building a great team
- Personalities on set
- Letting things go
- A reversed career path to 1st AC
- Networking
- Shifting gears to Family life
- Mentoring, Being mentored, Lifting others up
- Being ready for opportunities

... and more.


Podcast Ep1: Mark Weingartner, ASC – VFX DP of Dark Knight

Lets talk about film-life topics with the VFX DP of Inception, Dark Knight, Hunger Games:

- Managing a team of people you don't know
- Managing time on set
- Delegating tasks
- Relationship with upper-management
- Career path from something non film through lighting, to DP-ing
- Work/Private-Life Balance
- Financial planning while working in film industry


Giving tasks to others – Delegating in depth

We never expect someone else to imagine a book the same way we do, but we always demand others to imagine the execution of a task exactly the same way we have.

Transferring thoughts don’t happen by itself, you have to learn how to do it properly and precisely.
An in-depth article about delegating and micromanaging.

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