Having an unpopular opinion in film industry can be deadly to your career – so here I am doing it =)

Film industry needs to learn more about soft-skills, especially leadership and learning skills.

It’s an unpopular opinion. Veterans saying, “Hey its just man eat man” aand “just be tight-fisted with them so they will listen” and “you feel it or not, I can’t teach it to you”

Baah, it’s just so medieval….

Other industries are light years ahead of us in this and that’s why they are more efficient and more livable for the people working in them.

I talked with a lot of modern-minded filmmakers about this privately, when no one else was listening, and they told me they all agreed – but nobody talks about these when we are in a group. Because having an unpopular opinion in film industry, is dangerous for your career. It took me 4 years to start talking about these more publicly. So here I am doing that.

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